SRS Bioenergy Publications

Southern Research Station Biomass and Bioenergy Outputs (FY07-FY11)
Topic 1: Production, logistics, and site effects  |  Topic 2: Conversion, utilization  |  Topic 3: Decision tools, assessments, models
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1 Simulations of alternative mechanical thinning treatment programs on western timberland Abt, Karen L.; Prestemon, Jeffrey P.; Skog, Kenneth E.; Barbour, R. James; Hemstrom, Miles A,; Huggett, Robert J. 2011 RP  
1 Long-term hydrology of a drained pine plantation: a reference for land use conversion into bio-energy based switchgrass plantation in coastal North Carolina Amatya, Devendra; undefined, undefined; Nettles, J.E.; Chescheir, G.M. 2011  
1 A report on conceptual advances in roll on/off technology in forestry Atkins, Dave; Rummer, Robert; Dodson, Beth; Thomas, Craig E.; Horcher, Andy; Messerlie, Ed; Rawlings, Craig; Haston, David 2007  
1 Riparian forest buffers: Building a sustainable bioenergy future Bentrup, G.; Schoeneberger, M.; Wight , Bruce 2009  
1 Soil carbon sequestration and changes in fungal and bacterial biomass following incorporation of forest residues Busse, Matt D.; Sanchez, Felipe G.; Ratcliff, Alice W.; Butnor, John R.; Carter, Emily A.; Powers, Robert F. 2009  
1 Evaluation of two round baling systems for harvesting understory biomass on the Osceola National Forest, Florida, United States do Canto, J.L.; Rummer, R.; Klepac, J.; Seixas, F.; Savoie, P. 2008
1 Soil impacts associated with biomass removals in the southeastern U.S. Carter, E.A.  2011
1 Soil disturbance and site impacts related to a thinning operation in Kentucky Carter, E.A.; Thompson, J. 2010  
1 Soil disturbance and site impacts related to a thinning operation in Kentucky Carter, Emily; Thompson, Jason 2011  
1 Biomass and nitrogen dynamics of four plantation tree species receiving irrigation and fertilization Cobb, W. Rusty; Will, Rodney E.; Daniels, Richard F.; Jacobson, Marshall A. 2010 GTR
1 Spatial and temporal patterns of root distribution in developing stands of four woody crop species grown with drip irrigation and fertilization Coleman, Mark 2007  
1 Above- and below- ground biomass accumulation, production, and distribution of sweetgum and loblolly pine grown with irrigation and fertilization. Coyle, David R.; Coleman, Mark D.; Aubrey, Doug P. 2009 JRNL
1 Above- and below-ground biomass accumulation, production, and distribution of sweetgum and loblolly pine grown with irrigation and fertilization Coyle, David R.; Coleman, Mark D.; Aubrey, Doug P. 2008  
1 Transpirational drying effects on energy and ash content from whole-tree chipping operations in a southern pine plantation Cutshall, J.; Greene, D.; Baker, S.; Mitchell, Dana 2011 JRNL
1 Innovations in afforestation of agricultural bottomlands to restore native forests in the United States Dey, D.C.; Gardiner, E.S.; Kabrick, J.M.; Stanturf, J.A.; Jacobs, D.F. 2010 JRNL
1 Evaluation of two round baling systems for harvesting understory biomass do Canto, J.L.; Klepac, John; Rummer, Robert; Savoie, P.; Seixas, F. 2011 JRNL
1 Biomass from Buffers: A Win-Win for Climate and Water Quality?  Dosskey, M. 2010  
1 Water quality implications of producing biomass crops in riparian buffers Dosskey, Michael 2011  
1 Intensive utilization of harvest residues for bioenergy in southern pine plantations: Quantities available and implications for nutrient budgets and sustainable site productivity Eisenbies, M.H.; Vance, E.D.; Seiler, J.R. 2009 JRNL
1 Changes in site productivity and the recovery of soil properties following wet- and dry-weather harvesting disturbances in the Atlantic Coastal Plain for a stand of age 10 years Eisenbies, Mark H.; Burger, James A.; Aust W. Michael, ; Patterson Steven C.,  2007  
1 Influence of thinning Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.) on hydraulic properties of an organic soil Grace, Johnny M.; Skaggs, R. W.; Cassel, D. Keith 2006
1 Ground-dwelling arthropod association with coarse woody debris following long-term dormant season prescribed burning in the longleaf pine flatwoods of north Florida. Hanula, J.L.; Wade, D.D.; O'Brien, J.; Loeb, S.C. 2009 JRNL
1 Relationship of coarse woody debris to arthropod availability for red-cockaded woodpeckers and other bark-foraging birds on loblolly pine boles Horn, Scott; Hanula, James L. 2008  
1 Hyperspectral remote sensing analysis of short rotation woody crops grown with controlled nutrient and irrigation treatments Im, Jungho; Jensen, John R.; Coleman, Mark; Nelson, Eric. 2009 JRNL
1 High tonnage forest biomass production systems from southern pine energy plantations Jernigan, P.; Gallagher, T.; Mitchell, Dana; Teeter, L. 2011 P
1 Biomass-bioenergy crops in the United States: a changing paradigm Johnson, Jane M-F; Coleman, Mark D.; Gesch, Russ; Jaradat, Adbullah; Mitchell, Rob; Reicosky, Don; Wilhelm, W.W. 2007  
1 Evaluation of the WB55 bio-baler for baling woody biomass in a forest application Klepac, J.; Rummer, B. 2009 P
1 Harvesting understory biomass with a baler Klepac, J.; Rummer, B. 2010 CP-TP
1 Harvesting small trees for bio-energy Klepac, John; Rummer, Robert; Thompson, Jason 2011 P
1 Seasonal effects on moisture loss of loblolly pine Klepac, J.; Rummer, B.; Seixas, F. 2008
1 Harvesting small trees for bio-energy Klepac, John; Rummer, Robert; Thompson, Jason 2011 P
1 Management dependent soil properties of cultivated versus non-cultivated southeastern coastal plains ecosystems Levi, M. 2007
1 Bottomland hardwood short-rotation woody crops for bioenergy: past, present, and future research in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley [Abstract] Lockhart, Brian R.; Souter, R.A.; Gardiner, E.S. [and others]. 2009  
1 Quantifying carbon sequestration in forest plantations by modeling the dynamics of above and below ground carbon pools Maier, Chris A.; Johnsen, Kurt H. 2010 GTR
1 Project summary: Application of a trailer-mounted slash bundler for southern logging Meadows, S.; Gallagher, T.; Mitchell, D. 2010 CP-TP
1 Optimizing the use of a John Deere bundling unit in a southern logging system Meadows, Steven; Gallagher, Tom; Mitchell, Dana. 2009  
1 Optimizing the use of a John Deere bundling unit in a southern logging system Meadows, Steven; Gallagher, Tom; Mitchell, Dana. 2009  
1 Cost and production considerations for in-woods processing of woody biomass Mitchell, D. 2010  
1 Air quality on biomass harvesting operations Mitchell, Dana 2011 P
1 Felling small trees with a drive-to-tree feller-buncher Mitchell, Dana 2008  
1 Logging deck organization with a bundler Mitchell, Dana. 2009  
1 Stump Harvesting Mitchell, Dana. 2009  
1 Chipping whole trees for fuel chips: a production study Mitchell, Dana; Gallagher, Tom 2007  
1 Processing woody biomass with a modified horizontal grinder Mitchell, Dana; Klepac, John 2008  
1 Processing woody debris biomass for co-milling with pulverized coal Mitchell, Dana; Rummer, Bob 2007  
1 Technologies for harvesting short rotation woody crops Mitchell, Dana; Rummer, Robert 2011
1 Modified precision-husky progrind H-3045 for chipping biomass Mitchell, Dana; Seixas, Fernando; Klepac, John. 2008  
1 Woody biomass outreach in the southern United States: A case study Monroe, Martha ; Oxarart, Annie 2011 JRNL
1 Biomass removal and its effect on productivity of an artificially regenerated forest stand in the Missouri ozarks Ponder, Flex Jr. 2007  
1 Coarse woody debris in a Southern Appalachian spruce-fir forest of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Rose, Anita K.; Nicholas, N.S. 2008  
1 Harvesting and transportation of forest biomass Rummer, B. 2007
1 Harvesting of forest residues for bioenergy in the United States Rummer, R.; Seixas, F. 2007
1 Developing a new generation of woody biomass harvesting equipment Rummer, R.; Taylor, S.; Corley, F. 2010  
1 Technology for biomass feedstock production in southern forests and GHG implications Rummer, Robert; Klepac, John; Thompson, Jason 2011  
1 Accuracy assessment of biomass and forested area classification from modis, landstat-tm satellite imagery and forest inventory plot data Salajanu, Dumitru; Jacobs, Dennis M. 2007  
1 Growth and physiology of loblolly pine in response to long-term resource management: defining growth potential in the southern United States Samuelson, Lisa J.; Butnor, John; Maier, Chris; Stokes, Tom A.; Johnsen, Kurt; Kane, Michael 2008  
1 Maximum growth potential in loblolly pine: results from a 47-year-old spacing study in Hawaii Samuelson, Lisa J.; Eberhardt, Thomas L.; Butnor, John R.; Stokes, Tom A.; Johnsen, Kurt H. 2010 JRNL
1 Loblolly pine growth and soil nutrient stocks eight years after forest slash incorporation Sanchez, Felipe G.; Carter, E.; Leggett, Z. 2008  
1 Soil carbon, after 3 years, under short-rotation woody crops grown under varying nutrient and water availability Sanchez, Felipe G.; Coleman, Mark; Garten, Charles T.; Luxmoore, Robert J.; Stanturf, John A.; Trettin, Carl; Wullschleger, Stan D. 2007  
1 Agroforestry: working trees for sequestering carbon on agricultural lands Schoeneberger, M.M. 2008  
1 Dual-cropping loblolly pine for biomass energy and conventional wood products Scott, D. Andrew; Tiarks, Allan 2008  
1 Harvesting and use of forest biomass for energy production in the USA Seixas, F. 2008
1 Harvesting short-rotation woody crops (SRWC) for energy Seixas, F.; Couto, L.; Rummer, R. 2007
1 Residues which turned on energy Seixas, F.; Rummer, R. 2007
1 Planted forests and plantations Sheffield , Ray 2009 GTR-P
1 Carbon Storage of bottomland hardwood afforestation in the Lower Mississippi Valley, U.S.A. Shoch, David T. ; Kaster, Gary; Hohl, Aaron; Souter, Ray 2009 JRNL
1 Selected mechanical and physical properties of Chinese tallow tree juvenile wood Shupe, Todd F.; Groom, Leslie H.; Eberhardt, Thomas L.; Pesacreta, Thomas C.; Rials, Timoty G. 2008  
1 Forest biomass sustainability and availability Skog, K.E.; Stanturf, John 2011 JRNL
1 Wood quality for longleaf pines: a spacing, thinning and pruning study on the Kisatchie National Forest So, Chi-Leung; Eberhardt, Thomas L.; Leduc, Daniel J.; Groom, Leslie H.; Goelz, Jeffery C. G. 2010 GTR
1 Growth response analysis after early control of woody competition for 14 loblolly pine plantations in the southern U.S. South, David B.; Miller, James H. 2007  
1 Sustainable Bioenergy Development in the Southern US Stanturf, J.A.; Perdue, J.H.; Buford, M.A.; Stokes, B.J. 2010  
1 Wood to energy: using southern interface fuels for bioenergy Staudhammer, C.; Hermansen, L.A.; Carter, D.; Macie, Ed 2011 GTR
1 Growing cottonwoods for biomass: results of a ten-year irrigation study Stuhlinger, H. Christoph; Doruska, Paul F.; Earl, Jeffery A.; Pelkki, Matthew H. 2010 GTR
1 Energy and water balance of two contrasting loblolly pine plantations on the lower coastal plain of North Carolina, USA Sun, G.; Noormets, A.; Gavazzi, M.J.; McNulty, S.G.; Chen, J.; Domec, J.-C. King; Amatya, D.M.; Skaggs, R.W. 2010  
1 Forest Resilience, Biodiversity, and Climate Change Thompson, I.; Mackey, B.; McNulty, S.; Mosseler, A. 2009 MISC
1 Harvesting productivity and disturbance estimates of three silvicultural prescriptions in eastern Kentucky Thompson, Jason D.; Rummer, Bob; Schweitzer, Callie J. 2009 JRNL
1 Interactions of woody biofuel feedstock production systems with water resources: Considerations for sustainability Trettin, Carl C.; Amatya, Devendra; Coleman, Mark 2008  
1 Forest Residues Bundling Project U.S. Forest Service,  2007 SU
1 Research strategies for increasing productivity of intensively managed forest plantations Vance, E.D.; Maguire, D.A.; Zalesny, R.S. 2010 JRNL
1 A model for estimating understory vegetation response to fertilization and precipitation in loblolly pine plantations VanderSchaaf, Curtis L.; McKnight, Ryan W.; Fox, Thomas R.; Allen, H. Lee 2010 GTR
1 Within tree variation of lignin, extractives, and microfibril angle coupled with the theoretical and near infrared modeling of microfibril angle Via, Brian K.; So, chi L.; Groom, Leslie H.; Shupe, Todd F.; Stine, michael; Wikaira, Jan. 2007  
1 Woody biomass from short rotation energy crops Zalesny, R.S.; Cunningham, M.W.; Hall, R.B.; Mirck, J.; Rockwood, D.L.; Stanturf, John; Volk, T.A. 2011 JRNL
1 Developing above-ground woody biomass equations for open-grown, multiple-stemmed tree species: shelterbelt-grown Russian-olive Zhour, Xinhau; Brandle, James R.; Schoeneberger, Michele M.; Awada, Tala 2007  
2 Enhancing forest value productivity through fiber quality Briggs, D. 2010 JRNL
2 Hydrothermal processing of biomass from invasive aquatic plants Catallo, W. James; Shupe, Todd F.; Eberhardt, Thomas L. 2008  
2 Biosorbents prepared from wood particles treated with anionic polymer and iron salt: Effect of particle size on phosphate adsorption Eberhardt, Thomas L.; Min, Soo-Hong 2008  
2 Partitioning of pine bark components to obtain a value-added product for plywood manufacture Eberhardt, Thomas L.; Reed, Karen G.; So, Chi-Leung 2009 CP-TP
2 Characterization and partitioning of the char ash collected after the processing of pine wood chips in the Biomax 25: A pilot-scale gasification plant for generating electricity from biomass Eberhardt, Thomas; Groom, Les; Elder, Thomas 2010  
2 Pilot-scale gasification of southern forest resources Elder, Thomas; Groom, Les 2010  
2 Pilot plant gasification of woody biomass Elder, Thomas; Groom, Leslie H. 2010  
2 Pilot-scale gasification of woody biomass Elder, Thomas; Groom, Leslie H. 2011 JRNL
2 Advanced biomass science and technology for bio-based products: proceedings Hse, Chung; Jiang, Zehui; Kuo, Mon-Lin 2009 P
2 Maleated polypropylene film and wood fiber handsheet laminates Lee, Sangyeob; Shupe, Todd F.; Groom, Leslie H.; Hse, Chung Y. 2008 JRNL
2 Thermomechanical pulp fiber surface modification for enhancing the interfacial adhesion with polypropylene Lee, Sangyeob; Shupe, Todd F.; Groom, Leslie H.; Hse, Chung Y. 2007  
2 Plasma enhanced modification of TMP fiber and its effect on tensile strength of wood fiber/PP composite Lee, Sangyeob; Shupe, Todd F.; Hse, Chung Y. 2009 CP-TP
2 Torrefaction? What’s that?  Mitchell, D.; Elder, T. 2010 CP-TP
2 Perspectives on woody biomass fuel value and specifications in Alabama Mitchell, Dana 2006
2 Comparative study on liquefaction of creosote and chromated copper arsenate (CCA)-treated wood and untreated southern pine wood: effects of acid catalyst content, liquefaction time, temperature, and phenol to wood ratio Pan, Hui; Hse, Chung-Yun; Shupe, Todd F. 2009 CP-TP
2 Investigation of bio-composites using Novolac type liquefied wood resin: effects of liquefaction and fabrication conditions Pan, Hui; Hse, Chung-Yun; Shupe, Todd F. 2009 CP-TP
2 Wood liquefaction and its application to Novolac resin Pan, Hui; Hse, Chung-Yun; Shupe, Todd F. 2009 CP-TP
2 Physical and mechanical properties of bio-composites from wood particles and liquefied wood resin Pan, Hui; Shupe, Todd F. ; Hse, Chung-Yun 2009 BOOK
2 Residual strength and stiffness of lumber from decommissioned chromated copper arsenate-treated southern pine utility poles Piao, Cheng; Groom, Leslie 2010 JRNL
2 Research update for the treated wood reusing program at the Calhoun Research Station Piao, Cheng; Shupe, Todd F.; Groom, Leslie; Nipper, W. Allen 2009 CP-TP
2 Impregnation of bio-oil from small diameter pine into wood for moisture resistance Robinson, T. J.; Via, B.; Fasina, O.; Ashikari, S.; Tu, M.; Carter, E. 2011
2 The prediction of calorific value using infrared (IR) spectroscopy and multivariate analysis So, Chi; Eberhardt, Thomas 2010  
2 Application of near-infrared spectroscopy to preservative-treated wood So, Chi-Leung; Lebow, Stan T.; Eberhardt, Thomas L.; Groom, Leslie H.; Shupe, Todd F. 2009 CP-TP
2 Effect of thermo-mechanical refining pressure on the properties of wood fibers as measured by nanoindentation and atomic force microscopy Xing, Cheng; Wang, Siqun; Pharr, George M.; Groom, Leslie H. 2008  
2 Bio-based rigid polyurethane foam from liquefied products of wood in the presence of polyhydric alcohols Zheng, Zhifeng; Pan, Hui; Huang, Yuanbo; Hse, Chung Y. 2011 JRNL
2 The Use of forest-derived specific gravity for the conversion of volume to biomass for open-grown trees on agricultural land Zhou, Xinhua; Brandle, James; Awada, Tala; Schoeneberger, Michele; Martin, Derrel; Xin, Ying; Tang, Zhenghong 2011 JRNL
3 Effect of policy-based bioenergy demand on southern timber markets: A case study of North Carolina Abt, Robert C.; Abt, Karen L.; Cubbage, Frederick W.; Henderson, Jesse D. 2010 JRNL
3 Projecting southern timber supply for multiple products by subregion Abt, Robert C.; Cubbage, Frederick W.; Abt, Karen L. 2009 JRNL
3 Mapping U.S. forest biomass using national forest inventory data and moderate resolution information Blackard, J.A.; Finco, M.V.; Helmer, E.H.; Holden, G.R.; Hoppus, M.L.; Jacobs, D.M.; Lister, A.J.; Moisen, G.G.; Nelson, M.D.; Riemann, R.; Ruefenacht, B.; Salajanu, D.; Weyermann, D.L.; Winterberger, K.C.; Brandeis, T.J.; Czaplewski, R.L.; McRoberts, R.E.; Patterson, P.L.; Tycio, R.P. 2008  
3 Modelization des consequences possibles de la future demande bioenergetique mondiale pour le bois et les forest en France Buongiorno, Joseph ; Raunikar, Ronald; Zhu, Shushuai 2011 JRNL
3 Consequences of increasing bioenergy demand on wood and forests: an application of the global forest products model Buongiorno, Joseph; Raunikar, Ronald; Zhu, Shushuai 2011 JRNL
3 Assessing the potential for biomass energy development in South Carolina Conner, Roger C.; Adams, Tim O.; Johnson, Tony G. 2009 RP
3 Estimates of biomass in logging residue and standing residual inventory following tree-harvest activity on timberland acres in the southern region Conner, Roger C.; Johnson, Tony G. 2011 RB
3 An economic analysis of hardwood fiber production on dryland irrigated sites in the US Southeast Gallagher, Tom; Shaffer, Bob; Rummer, Bob 2006
3 Forest fuel reduction and biomass supply: Perspectives from southern private landowners Gan, Jianbang; Jarrett, Adam; Johnson, Cassandra. 2009 JRNL
3 Developing a coordinated research plan for biomass/bio-energy Groom, Leslie H.; Elder, Thomas 2010  
3 Mileage savings from optimization of coordinated trucking McDonald, T.P.; Haridass, K.; Valenzuela, J. 2010
3 Removals, timber products, and residues Morgan, Todd; Johnson, Tony; Piva, Ron 2009 GTR-P
3 Biomass Site Assessment Tools (BioSAT), “Vision, Relationships, Research and Results”, A BioSAT Technical Demonstration Perdue, J.H.; Young, T.M. 2011  
3 A web-based biomass site assessment tool (BioSAT) Perdue, J.H.; Young, T.M.; Rials, T.G. 2010  
3 A web-based biomass site assessment tool (BioSAT) Perdue, J.H.; Young, T.M.; Rials, T.G. 2011  
3 Global outlook for wood and forests with the bioenergy demand implied by scenarios of the intergovernmental panel on climate change Raunikar, Ronald ; Buongiorno, Joseph; Turner, James A.; Zhu, Shushuai 2010 JRNL
3 Strategic assessment of biofuels development in the Western States. Skog, K.; Rummer, R.; Jenkins, B.; Parker, N.; and others 2008
3 Assessing Public Preferences for Forest Biomass Based Energy in the Southern United States Susaeta, Andres; Alavalapati, Janaki; Lal, Pankaj; Matta, Jagannadha R; Mercer, Evan 2010 JRNL
3 Evaluating a web based machine productivity and fuel consumption monitoring system Thompson, J.; Klepac, J. 2010
3 The southern forest futures project: using public input to define the issues Wear, D.N.; Greis, J.G.; Walters, N. 2009 GTR
3 The South's outlook for sustainable forest bioenergy and biofuels production Wear, David; Abt, Robert; Alavalapati, Janaki; Comatas, Greg; Countess, Mike; McDow, Will 2010 OTHER
3 Research gap analysis for application of biotechnology to sustaining US forests Whetten, R.W.; Kellison, R. 2010 JRNL
3 A real-time, web-based optimal biomass site assessment tool (BioSAT) – An economic assessment of biomass for the 33 eastern United States Young, T.M.; Hartsell, A.J.; Perdue, J.H.; Hodges, D.G.; Abt, R.C.; Rials, T.G. 2009  
3 Optimal siting for biorefineries using the Biomass Siting Analysis Tool (BioSAT) Young, T.M.; Perdue, J.H.; Hartsell, A.; Hodges, D.G.; Rials, T.G. 2008  
3 Logistic regression models of factors influencing the location of bioenergy and biofuels plants Young, T.M.; Zaretzki, R.L.; Perdue, J.H.; Guess, F.M.; Liu, X. 2011 JRNL
3 Harvesting Small Trees for Bio-Energy Klepac, John; Rummer, Bob;  Thompson, Jason 2011 Proceedings