Crossing Assessment Decision Support System (CADSS)

CADSS is a suite of tools designed to assist land managers with prioritization of road-stream crossing replacements. CADSS currently contains the Watershed Prioritization Tool, the Crossing Replacement Tool, and several data editing tools.

CADSS Information

CADSS PowerPoint Presention
To view this presentation with narration and subtitles:
  1. Save the file (PowerPoint; 4 MB) to your computer.
  2. Double-click file to open.
  3. In PowerPoint, select the Slide Show tab and click the ‘From Beginning’ button.
  4. Slideshow run time is 12 minutes.
CADSS User Manual for Version 10.0.5


If you have CADSS related questions please submit them to Craig Roghair.

How did you collect your field data?
Please see our aquatic organism passage (AOP) manual, Modified Culvert Inventory and Assessment Protocol, and our AOP reports.
Do we need to collect passage data using your field methods?
No, you may collect passage data using any protocol, as long as the final passage ratings are any of the following: passable, impassable, indeterminate, or unsurveyed.
Does CADSS work in Citrix (T:)?
CADSS was developed for users running ArcMap locally (not on a network drive); we have done limited testing with CADSS in Citrix and it appears to load and run from the T drive; additional testing is underway.
Can I use my own crossing or species distribution data?
Yes, CADSS comes with default layers, but you may load and select other layers.