Share Scientific Breakthroughs, New Technologies

This month’s theme reflects on two Strategic Plan objectives, G: “Advance knowledge” and H: “Transfer technology and applications.” Communication messages this month’s theme include educating on our cutting-edge research, monitoring, and assessment activities that enable us to interpret emerging results, translate them into practical discoveries and share the new knowledge. This month we can showcase our new tools and technologies which help us model future conditions and guide adaptive management strategies that address threats such as fire, insects, disease, and other forest disturbances.

Key Messages

  • The Forest Service is recognized the world over as a premier producer of applied science
  • The Forest Service advances knowledge of natural and cultural resources and the social systems that depend upon them
  • The Forest Service is a learning organization using an adaptive management approach to steward the national forests and grasslands
  • The Forest Service provides technical assistance to other federal, state, local and international natural resource managers

Discover More

New Forest, New Water Yield

The study watersheds are outfitted with weirs, which allow scientists to precisely measure the amount of streamflow. Photo by Pete Caldwell, USFS.

Climate and Society Will Determine the Future of Wildfire in the South

New Forest Service research takes into account land use and societal changes in projecting future acres burned by wildfire in the South. Photo courtesy of Georgia Forestry Commission,


ForWarn, a satellite-based monitoring and assessment tool that provides a near-real-time national overview of vegetation greenness to direct attention and resources to locations where forest conditions seem unusual or abnormal. ForWarn is intended to complement and focus efforts of existing forest monitoring programs.

Use Forwarn to track spring green-up on agriculture lands, gypsy moths, monitor a state’s trees

Southern Forest Products – An Economic Engine Story Map

A story map that allows users to interactively chart the ebb and flow of forest products across the southern states. Consists of FIA data loaded onto the Esri ArcGIS Online platform

Just one of the tools created by SRS researchers. Find out about forest products in this interactive story map.