Conserve Open Space

This month highlights the many benefits that conserving open space or “green spaces” provides in both urban and rural communities. There is an opportunity this month to highlight that the Forest Service supports collaborative, voluntary strategies of land management investments and partnerships.

Key Messages

  • Undeveloped land provides people with clean water, forest products, beauty and recreational settings
  • Conversion of open space to other uses increases the risk of wildfire, contributes to the spread of invasive species, loss of access to public lands, and fragments fish and wildlife habitat
  • The Forest Service works in partnership with private land owners, governmental agencies, communities, and other organizations to promote voluntary landscape scale conservation in both urban and rural landscapes
  • Open space can elevate home values, boost tourism, and provide outdoor opportunities that contribute to healthy lifestyles

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Invasive species thrive in converted landscapes

Urban Forests & West Nile Virus

Fewer Disease-carrying Mosquitoes Found in Forests

Even forested areas in Atlanta Georgia were found to have fewer mosquitoes which carry the West Nile virus
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Using Urban Forests to Manage Stormwater Runoff

Researchers provide an easy method to estimate and compare urban tree impacts on stormwater

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Demographics influence recreational use of public forests

Whether to hike or bike, and where do you do this activity, and why?
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Forest health monitoring: national status, trends, and analysis 2016

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Bent Creek offices

Inaugural Green Line Meeting

About 30 people attended the first Green Line meeting in Asheville, NC. Photo by Jennifer Moore Myers, USFS.

State Line Meeting with Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi

Aerial view of recent southern pine beetle outbreak area in Mississippi. Photo by Ricky Cox and Wade Hosey, USFS.
Aerial view of recent southern pine beetle outbreak area in Mississippi. Photo by Ricky Cox and Wade Hosey, USFS.