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You may contact the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory by phone, fax, email or mail, or visit us in person. Our office is open Monday to Friday, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Driving on forest roads is permitted, but please do not block access to gates or roads. No overnight camping is permitted. For information on recreation opportunities on the Nantahala National Forest, please contact the Nantahala Ranger District at 828-524-6441 or the National Forests in North Carolina Headquarters at 828-257-4200.

For information on tours and workshops, please contact Randy Fowler at 828-524-2128, Ext 111.

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Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory
3160 Coweeta Lab Rd
Otto, NC 28763

Tel: 828-524-2128
Fax: 828-369-6768


Name Title Email Phone
Dolloff, Andy Project Leader 540-231-4864
Bower, Katherine (Katie) Hydrologic Technician 828-524-2128 Ext. 102
Brown, Cindi L. Chemist 828-524-2128 Ext. 105
Clinton, Patsy P. Hydrologic Technician 828-524-2128 Ext. 123
Dobbs, Gladys (Becky) GIS Technician 828-524-2128 Ext. 129
Flowers, Kathy C. Support Services Specialist 828-524-2128 Ext. 115
Fowler, Dick L. (Randy) Biological Scientist 828-524-2128 Ext. 111
Harper, Carol Analytical Lab Technician 828-524-2128 Ext. 138
Knoepp, Jennifer D. Research Soil Scientist 828-524-2128 Ext. 103
Miniat, Chelcy F. Research Ecologist 828-524-2128 Ext. 118
Ning, Liu Post-doctoral Research Fellow 828-524-2128 Ext. 119
Oishi, Andrew (Chris) Science Team Leader - Research Ecologist 828-524-2128 Ext. 127
Ruigrok, Michelle UGA Technician 828-524-2128 Ext. 107
Scott, Joel Biological Science Technician 828-524-2128 Ext. 133
Sobek, Chris M. Hydrologic Technician 828-524-2128 Ext. 109
Swank, Wayne T. Research Scientist, Emeritus 828-524-2128 Ext. 100
Swift, Jr., Lloyd Research Forester, Emeritus 828-524-2128 Ext. 101