The Diversity, Conservation and Ecological Importance of Saproxylic Insects

Presented by Dr. Michael Ulyshen, Research Entomologist with Insects, Diseases, and Invasive Plants (RWU 4552)
USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station

Coweeta "Brown Bag" Seminar Series
August 30, 2018

Approximately one third of all forest insect species worldwide depend directly or indirectly on dying or dead wood (i.e., saproxylic) and these organisms are known to be sensitive to forest management decisions. The loss of saproxylic insect diversity in Europe due to reductions in the amount of dead wood and old trees across the landscape serves as a cautionary tale for researchers and land managers working in other parts of the world. This presentation will provide a broad overview of these insects, their conservation and the ecosystem services they provide, with a focus on the southeastern United States.