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Comments Recieved at Webinar 3

image: young willow oak leaves

The table below captures the comments collected during the input phase of the third webinar, April 16th at 7 pm. Comments are grouped by major forces of change.

  Energy prices are causing a lot of contradictions, too expensive to haul pulpwood or fertilize. Farms are leaving too.
  Forest uses as recreational--this forest has become on the motorcycle route on the weekends. A place of beauty, a little recognition that we have something here that's gorgeous, worth conserving.
  People are leasing their places for hunting, riding...
  People don't want to raise pine trees, want a nice place to fish.
  Sleepy until the hurricane, now it's much faster.
  The whole timber industry was affected by Canada or more recently areas where there is deforestation.
  What we need economically is "close to home" - generating electricity nearby so transmitting is so hard
  Carbon credits - people talk and read a lot about it; lots of pros and cons on this market; it really is an incentive
  Farm bill is real helpful at providing herbicides to control invasive exotic plants, landowners couldn't afford doing it otherwise
  Sad if they pass the farm bill as it stands
  Some of the farm subsidies are really bad locally and globally
  The tax "basis" - so many people so upset when they lost so much money but had no basis following the hurricane, hence could not take any losses on their taxes
Land Uses
  Got to treat every tree in the woods as valuable, useful, not damage so much when logging
  If we stopped importing this cheap lumber from rainforests, our own trees would be worth more, returns would be greater
  The more you emphasize recreation, the more you implement social change, inform them on the difference between a park and a farm
  We need to use fire; it's hard to get a permit; people complain about the smoke
  Cogon grass is horrible
  Hurricane Katrina knocked anyone sitting on the fence about selling their forestland into selling and getting out of there
  Maybe if we had a public trust to purchase lands when large amounts are put up for sale, just for a little while, to be a buffer to permit better resolution
  Severe weather is happening now
Forest Management
  Markets are unrealistic, based on destruction of the rainforests, need to start globally enforcing this
  Water is really, really a big issue, and deforestation of the United States is lowing the water table