Centers for Urban and Interface Forestry

Our unit also consists of two science delivery centers, which are collectively called the Centers for Urban and Interface Forestry. Each maintains a distinct focus: Urban Forestry South addresses urban forestry issues, while InterfaceSouth focuses on a range of issues related to human effects on forest ecosystems. Some examples of our science delivery activities include:

InterfaceSouth and Urban Forest South Websites and Social Media

These websites provide timely information, images, comprehensive literature and resource information to clients throughout the region and nation-wide.  Decision support systems, publications, training program materials, newsletters, posts and much more are also available. The Centers also use Twitter and our WordPress site, Leaves of Change Weekly, to provide timely information, announcements, and reminders regarding emerging issues and opportunities.

i-Tree Software Support and Training

Urban Forestry South provides support to state urban and community forestry coordinators and other partners across the South in the use of the i-Tree suite of tools for their urban forest management programs. This support includes training sessions, webinars, and workshops for urban foresters interested in using the technology; data analysis for i-Tree users in the South, and projects that will increase the applicability and ease of use of the program.

Fact Sheets, How-to Guides, Newsletters, and Technical Notes

We develop publications on topics such as the economics of wildfire prevention education and recreational trails, ecosystem services, and key interface issues. Our Leaves of Change newsletter highlights our research and science delivery activities. We also develop handouts and posters for pediatricians, parks, schools, and others about the benefits of outdoors activity for children, incorporating the U.S. Forest Service and Ad Council’s Unplug campaign.

Fact Sheets at InterfaceSouth →

More Kids in the Woods

InterfaceSouth and local partners, including the University of Florida’s School of Forest Resources and Conservation, the Gainesville Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs, and Alachua County Environmental Protection, have initiated a More Kids in the Woods (MKIW) project (funded through the Forest Service’s 2013 MKIW cost share program) to engage middle school students in outdoor science learning activities in Gainesville’s Hogtown Creek Watershed.

Kids in the Woods Website →

Urban Forest Strike Teams - Disaster Response

Urban Forestry South has developed training programs for state agency ISA certified arborists to prepare them for a professional response following natural disasters, such as hurricanes and ice storms. As trained Urban Forest Strike Team members, arborists conduct post-disaster hazard tree assessments and evaluate restoration needs (tree planting) of the communities’ urban forests.

Changing Roles Professional Development Program

This program provides natural resource agencies and other organizations with a set of flexible resources for building the knowledge and tools required to address wildland-urban interface issues. Our newest module addresses emerging issues, such as climate change, ecosystem services, environmental justice, interface entrepreneurs, and succession planning.

Changing Roles: WUI Professional Development Program at InterfaceSouth →