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Forest Service Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates

The Forest Service is taking the risks presented by COVID-19 seriously and is following USDA and CDC public health guidance as we continue to offer services to the public. The Forest Service COVID-19 updates page has answers to frequently asked questions about access to National Forest System lands.

Rediscovering the ‘snoring’ dusky gopher frog and restoring longleaf pine forests for the rare species

In 1987, Glen Johnson heard the call of the dusky gopher frog, which sounds like a snore. He was the first to report hearing its call since the 1950s. He found a breeding population of the dusky gopher frog at a pond on the De Soto National Forest in Mississippi. Johnson, a USDA Forest Service Southern […]

New species of Southern Appalachian earthworms

Two species of earthworms, new to science, have now been formally described. My colleagues and I were studying the effects of the 2016 wildfires in the Southern Appalachian Mountains when we found a few earthworms that we could not identify. Back at the lab, we carefully examined the specimens and conducted molecular (DNA) analysis to confirm […]

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