Upcoming Event

National SAF Convention: Silviculture Matters.

October 23, 2013–October 27, 2013

The National SAF Convention will occur on October 23-27 in North Charleston, South Carolina, with the program theme of Silviculture Matters.

From the Society of American Foresters:

"Salient examples date back to the Monongahela and Bitterroot clearcutting controversies: the rise of plantation and industrial forestry in the South; ecosystem management of federal lands; the modern spotted owl western forests protection plans; recent wildfire and insect attacks decimating western forests; and sophisticated management and restoration of natural forests ecosystems throughout the country.

Just this year, concerted new national opposition campaigns and media attention have focused on timber management and harvests for pellet mills, energy wood, and fire and insect disease salvage.  Silviculture matters—to the forests and to the public.  How we manage our forests with increasing public scrutiny is a complex scientific, technical, and social subject that will be a highlight of this year’s convention, along with more than 300 other natural resource presentations on diverse subjects.

We will be meeting at an excellent convention center in North Charleston, with lots of space for the meeting sessions, exhibits, and time to meet and talk with old and new friends.  When you have an opportunity before or after official meetings, explore 343 years of history, charm, and beaches nearby.  A video clip below highlights the Charleston area; various highways, tours, cabs, and hotel shuttle buses can take you to these attractions."

For more information, please visit the SAF event page.