Upcoming Event

Carolinas Climate Resilience Conference

April 28, 2014–April 29, 2014

Carolinas Climate Resilience Conference

Location: Hilton Charlotte University Place, Charlotte, North Carolina

Registration Information: A block of rooms will be held for a reduced rate at the hotel until March 28, 2014. Register here for the reduced rate.

Overview: Please join us and other practitioners, researchers, and staff from local, state, and federal agencies to share information about climate-related tools, resources, experiences, and activities in the Carolinas. This will be a very interactive conference geared towards networking and exchange among stakeholders and decision makers throughout the region.

Why a Climate Resilience Conference?

The impacts of current climate variability and the evidence of climate change are continuing to grow and with it our understanding of the challenges we face in adapting to those changes. Building resilience – the ability to adjust easily to or recover from a stress or change – is an important step in preparing to successfully address the current and future pressures. The Carolinas Climate Resilience Conference seeks to assist by providing a platform to share experience and knowledge of opportunities, tools, resources, local initiatives, and expertise.


  • Support on-the-ground climate resilience efforts by providing managers and regional experts with an opportunity to share lessons learned and discuss resources and tools for incorporating climate information into their work.
  • Contribute to the development of a climate information network for the Carolinas.
  • Provide a venue for practitioners, resource people, and researchers to share information about current activities, plans, and opportunities for collaboration.

The Sessions

    Sessions are designed to facilitate interaction, training, collaboration and discussion around topics including:
  • Findings from the 3rd National Climate Assessment, to be released spring 2014
  • Updates about climate science and available resources
  • Communicating about climate in the Carolinas
  • Mainstreaming climate into ongoing activities
  • Case studies of local adaptation efforts underway
  • Climate connections with public health, tourism, recreation, natural resources, hazards management, water management, and other sectors

Interactive presentations and audience discussion, such as an “Ask the Climatologist” session, will improve understanding of our regional climate as well as information, services, and tools available to stakeholders and decision makers in the region. Check out the Program page to see a full list of the different types of sessions planned.

Several sessions such as the "Ask the Climatologist," "Findings from the National Climate Assessment," and "Climate Communications" will be repeated on both days of the conference to allow more flexibility in attending all sessions in which you are interested, as well as to accommodate single-day attendance.

Conference Website: http://www.cisa.sc.edu/ccrc/