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Monitoring, Assessment, and Engagement to Sustain Forest Benefits in a Changing Climate

March 3, 2016–December 31, 1969

When: Thursday, March 3 at 3:00 pm EST 60 minute session

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Sarah Workman, Extension and Technology Transfer Specialist and Bill Christie, Biological Scientist will discuss climate tools developed by the Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center. The Center partners with government agencies, universities, and nongovernmental organizations to improve the collective national capacity to predict, detect, monitor and assess threats to forest, range and wildlands.  

The Center addresses problems related to the science of monitoring, assessment, and communication across four primary classes of environmental threats: forest pests, weather and climate change, wildland fire, and changes in land use or land cover. Center scientists and partners address emerging issues and collaborate to create tools and resources related to forest ecosystems, water quality, biodiversity, and wildfires—all within the context of changing climate, increasing human populations, and dynamic socioeconomic conditions. The Center strives to address critical broad-scale management needs across all four threat areas, and its research focuses on resource managers' needs for monitoring their occurrence, interpreting their extent and implications, predicting their likely impact, and sharing results, technology, and resources with affected organizations and individuals.

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