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Forest Service Scientist Receives National Award

August 23, 2017

Huntsville, AL — USDA Forest Service scientist Callie Schweitzer is the 2017 recipient of the National Silviculture Award. Schweitzer is a research forester with the Southern Research Station in Huntsville, Ala. Her work focuses on hardwood forests on the Cumberland Plateau of Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Her research is pioneering new ways to sustain oak forests, convert off-site pine plantations back to native forests, and to combine forest management techniques in new ways to produce productive and healthy forests on state, federal and private lands.

Callie Schweitzer
Callie Schweitzer,
Research Forester

"I am so humbled to receive this award,” Schweitzer said. "This award validates my efforts to engage stakeholders, work with partners, and share science with my peers and others. Working in this field and being recognized for my efforts means so much to me.”

Schweitzer's work is recognized both nationally and internationally. Schweitzer has authored or coauthored more than 150 publications for a variety of outlets. She is also a sought after speaker and has spoken at local, regional and international venues to include a presentation at the Nanjing Forestry University in China. "I am fortunate to have many opportunities to interact with different groups, and my broad research and science delivery program speaks to the many partnerships that I have cultivated and continue to value,” she said.

She is also very active in her local community where she serves on the Huntsville Tree Commission and on the Resource Advisory Commission Land Trust of North Alabama. In both of these capacities, she been a passionate advocate for forestry in urban environments and has led these organizations to adopt policies and practices to improve the quality and health of their urban forests. She is also a member of the Society of American Foresters and is the chair of the Mountain Lakes Chapter.

Schweitzer received her doctorate and master's degree in Forest Resources and Ecology from Pennsylvania State University. She received her award during the National Silviculture Workshop in Tucson Az.