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Nonwood Forest Products in Agroforestry: Farmer’s Perceptions in Europe

April 26, 2022

10:30-11:30 a.m. ET / 1430—1530 UTC via Zoom

A presentation by Mercedes Rois Díaz

Part of the “Unlocking the Bioeconomy for Nontimber Forest Products” webinar series.


Logo for the webinar series “Unlocking the Bioeconomy for Nontimber Forest Products”, with an icon of a mushroom, two minds collaborating, a campfire, and a medicine bottle with pills, representing the variety of uses for nontimber forest products

Agroforestry is the intentional integration of trees and shrubs into crop and animal farming systems to create environmental, economic, and social benefits. It has been practiced around the world for centuries. This webinar will focus on the potential of agroforestry to provide a variety of NWFPs, with particular attention to the Galicia region (NW Spain), and the identified driving forces for farmers and foresters to implement agroforestry. Agroforestry is receiving more prominent consideration in European and global policies as it is fully aligned with the UN 2030 Agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the European Bioeconomy Strategy. The Strategy proposes actions for leading the way towards a sustainable, circular bioeconomy, and explicitly declares agroforestry as a priority land-use system that makes efficient use of ecosystems services. Despite this objective, agroforestry is not extensively used and not well-known by many farmers and foresters. Effective policies for promoting agroforestry need to be based on the motivations and the barriers affecting farmers and foresters to adopt such practices.

This webinar series is hosted by the IUFRO Task Force, USDA Forest Service, The Forest History Society, and Renmin University of China.

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