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Goal: Deliver Benefits to the Public FIA One-Click: automated annual factsheets for every state

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Screen shot of the FIA Factsheets
The opening page for the Forest Inventory and Analysis One-Click: Automated Annual Factsheets. (Forest Service photo)


The USDA Forest Inventory and Analysis Program has developed a series of One-Click Factsheets that summarize state-level estimates of forest land for each state. The factsheets are automated, so FIA will be able to swiftly update nationally consistent information for every state. For more than 70 years, FIA has provided continuously improved and increasingly comprehensive inventories to state foresters, forest industry, forestry consultants, conservation groups, national forests, universities, and the entire U.S. citizenry.


Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) is a national forest inventory program that measures a subset of inventory plots in every state of the U.S. every year. FIA works with state agencies to staff inventory crews and implement the surveys. The wealth of FIA’s repeated measurement data holds answers to many innovative questions about forest resources. Increasingly, FIA scientists and scientists from universities or other organizations are working collaboratively to apply FIA data to answer broad scale research questions.

Inventory results have been useful for economic development and forest planning decisions as well as analyses of timber supply, biodiversity, and risk from invasive plants at landscape and regional levels. Inventory information has been the source of feedback on policy, management, and changes in forest health across ownerships. To be useful to decision-makers, forest health assessments must go beyond the periodic inventories of the past.

One-Click Factsheets are automated. They update frequently, pulling information from a database that has already gone through a very robust vetting process. The information comes from a variety of FIA data sources, including Timber Products Output and the National Woodland Owners Survey. The factsheets link to interactive maps where users can browse summaries for other states, along with regional and national statistics.

One-Click Factsheets require significantly less effort to develop than previous resource updates, which allows FIA scientists to focus on regional and national products while collaborating with other USDA scientists and external researchers, to the benefit of every American who relies on forests. Forests provide clean drinking water, clean air, timber, recreation, wildlife habitat, and many other resources.

BETA Forest Inventory & Analysis One-Click Factsheet
BETA Forest Inventory & Analysis One-Click TPO Factsheet

Principal Investigator
Christopher M. Oswalt, Research Forester
4801 - Forest Inventory and Analysis
Strategic Program Area
Inventory and Monitoring
Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Forests of Alabama, 2018
Forests of Mississippi, 2017
Forests of North Carolina, 2017
Forests of Virginia, 2017
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