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Goal: Apply Knowledge Globally More than the sum of their parts: Regional forest assessment tools work better together

Regional assessments provide key information on habitat conservation, clean water, timber and non-timber resources, and other ecosystem services. Renewed collaboration between the Forest Service’s Southern Region and Southern Research Station is integrating information from many sources to give a full picture of forest landscapes, the threats they face, and how best to protect the many benefits they provide.

Two people in yellow safety gear performing a prescribed burn.
Integrating multiple assessment approaches into planning can help conservation stakeholders weigh different forest management options from an ecosystem perspective. USDA Forest Service image.

Broad-scale ecological assessments have been produced within and beyond the Forest Service. But they often focus on only one or a few of the many ecosystem services and threats that exist in any landscape. Further, ecosystem services and the threats they face are experienced in common across land ownerships—stewarding forest lands therefore calls for information about whole landscapes. Synthesis can help capture the complexities of whole landscapes. It can help decision-makers when multiple values and management goals are at stake.

The Landscape-Level Integration and Shared Stewardship initiative is a collaborative effort between the Forest Service’s Southern Region and Southern Research Station to enhance the use of best available science in adaptive landscape management. Scientists are developing tools that use existing assessments to aid in ecosystem management decisions across large areas. These tools will be available to national forests and partners across the Southeast.

Principal Investigators
Lars Pomara, Ecologist
Danny Lee, Center Director
4854 - Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center
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The role of regional ecological assessment in quantifying ecosystem services for forest management
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USDA Forest Service Southern Region’s Landscape Level Integration and Shared Stewardship Initiative