Marcus E. Taylor

Research Forester
1710 Research Center Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24060-6349
Phone: 540-232-8727

Current Research

Marcus' research focuses on forests and forest products. He serves as a scientist in the National Center for Forest Products Survey & Analytics in the Forest Inventory & Analysis program. In this capacity, he works to improve monitoring of forest products removals, forest conditions, and land use across the nation. His research synthesizes forest products dynamics with a focus on land use and economic impacts. He also aims to develop a better understanding of the current and potential future conditions of forests and forest products in the United States as well as quantifying and qualifying impacts on ecosystems and livelihoods.


M.Sc. in Environmental Forestry, 2014
Bangor University
M.Sc. in Forests & Livelihoods, 2013
University of Copenhagen
B.A. in Sustainable Development, 2010
Appalachian State University
B.S. in Appropriate Technology, 2010
Appalachian State University

Professional Experience

Wood & Biomass Utilization Specialist, USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region

Awards and Recognition

Presidential Management Fellow, 2016
Erasmus Mundus Scholar, 2011


Research Highlights

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