James Miller

Research Ecologist
531 Devall Drive
Auburn, AL 36843
Phone: 334-826-8700 x36

Current Research

Safe and effective vegetation management prescriptions are being developed for enhancing productivity and sustainability of multi-resource values for Southern Forest Ecosystems. Concerted efforts are underway to combat the invasion of nonnative plants. Forest herbicides, prescribed burning, mechanical options and biological control are the tools and responses in wood yield, floristic diversity, soil productivity, and nutrient cycling are under study. Technology transfer of forest herbicide developments and application equipment development are continuing activities. Coordination of a cooperative region-wide study, the Competition Omission Monitoring Project (COMP), at 14 locations from Louisiana to Virginia, studying with a uniform plan, loblolly pine plantation growth with no vegetation control, total woody control, total herbaceous control, and total vegetation control.In it 15th year, this study monitors the growth of pines, arborescent wood plants, herbaceous plants, and disease and insects.Soil and foliar nutrition is periodically monitored and nutrient cycling is under study at one site.


Ph.D. in Forest Ecology, 1974
Oregon State University
M.S. in Silviculture, 1969
Purdue University
B.S. in Forest Management, 1967
Oklahoma State University

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