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Carl C. Trettin

Team Leader & Suprv. Research Soil Scientist
3734 Hwy 402
Cordesville, SC 29434
Phone: 843-336-5602
Fax: 843-336-5068

Current Research

- Blue Carbon - carbon stocks in mangroves, and the development of remote sensing tools for carbon stock assessments;
- Wood decomposition - contributions of dead wood to soil carbon pools;
- Hydrologic controls on biogeochemical cycling in freshwater and tidal freshwater wetlands;
- Development and application of Forest DNDC in managed and unmanaged forests; and
- Effects of management practices and stressors on soil processes

Research Interests

Carbon science in forested wetlands

Past Research

- Effects of sivlcultural practices on carbon and nutrient cycles in forested wetlands.

- Functional restoration of forested wetlands.

Mangrove carbon stocks in Zambezi River Delta, Mozambique

These data were collected using funding from the U.S. Government and can be used without additional permissions or fees. If you use these data in a publication, presentation, or other research product please use the following citation: 

Trettin, Carl C.; Stringer, Christina E.; Zarnoch, Stanley J.; Tang, Wenwu; Dai, Zhaohua. 2017. Mangrove carbon stocks in Zambezi River Delta, Mozambique. Fort Collins, CO: Forest Service Research Data Archive. 

CMS: Mangrove Canopy Height Estimates from Remote Imagery, Zambezi Delta, Mozambique

Lagomasino, D., T. Fatoyinbo, S. Lee, E. Feliciano, M. Simard, and C. Trettin. 2016. CMS: Mangrove Canopy Height Estimates from Remote Imagery, Zambezi Delta, Mozambique. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA

Why This Research is Important

- To ensure the sustainablity of forested landscapes.


Ph.D. in Forest Soils, 1992
North Carolina State University
M.S. in Forest Soils, 1980
Michigan Technological University
B.S. in Forest Hydrology, 1976
Michigan Technological Univ.

Professional Experience

Supervisory Research Soil Scientist and Team Leader, Center for Forested Wetlands Research, Southern Research Station, US Forest Service
Research Scientist, Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN
Research Scientist, School of Forestry and Wood Products, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI

Included Coordinator - Cooperative for Research on Forest Soils

Assistant Research Scientist, School of Forestry and Wood Products, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI

Awards and Recognition

Director's Award - Applying Knowledge Globally, 2018
An award by the Director, USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station, to the team of agency scientists for their effective contributions to the US Agency for International Development program Sustainable Wetland Adaptation and Mitigation Program.
Director's Award - Global Stewardship, 2007
An Award by the Director, Southern Research Station for advancing research and education on the sustainability of managed and restored wetlands.
Mundus Scholar, 2007
Selected scholar to participate research and teaching in the European Forestry Consortium.
Outstanding Alumnus, 2004
Presented by the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science, Michigan Technological University.

Featured Publications and Products


Research Highlights

How Much Carbon is Stored in Mozambique Mangroves? (2015)
SRS-2015-224 In an article published online in the journal Forest Ecology and Management, Forest Service researcher Christina Stringer and collaborators provide the first comprehensive estimate of the carbon sequestered in the mangrove forests of the Zambezi River Delta in Mozambique.

Recovery of Carbon and Nutrient Pools in a Northern Forested Wetland (2011)
SRS-2011-18 There has been long-standing concern about the effects of silvicultural practices on the functions of forested wetlands. This work shows that the carbon sequestration and productivity are not necessarily compromised by forest management in this type of forested wetland.