Natasha James

Research Economist
3041 East Cornwallis Road
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Phone: 919-549-4029

Research Interests

My current work as a Research Economist focuses on the mechanism design of domestic and international forest conservation programs. There are numerous mechanisms used to incentivize landowners to implement sustainable forest management practices including, community based conservation (CBC) and payment for ecosystem services (PES) programs. As no two places are exactly alike, each program is unique in its implementation. My research answers questions surrounding: (1) how well the mechanism in place delivers the program objectives and (2) how the current program can be improved to deliver conservation or development goals.


Ph.D. in Forestry, 2018
North Carolina State University
M.S. in Natural Resources , 2013
North Carolina State University
B.S. Environmental Science in Environmental Economics and Management, 2009
University of Georgia


Research Highlights

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