Joan L. Walker

Emeritus Scientist
Department of Forest Resources
233 Lehotsky Hall
Clemson, SC 29634-0001
Phone: 864-656-4822

Current Research

I am studying the population dynamics, breeding system, habitat requirements of, and fire effects on rare plants in longleaf pine communities.Specifically, I am working on Macbridea alba, Harperocallis flava, Scutellaria floridana, and Echinacea laevigata (not longleaf systems).I am also working in the fall-line sandhills of South Carolina to develop strategies for restoring structure and composition in the ground layer vegetation of altered longleaf pine communities.Sandhills work includes evaluating the effects and interactions of mechanical treatments and prescribed fire on midstory reduction, and describing life histories and establishment requirements for common sandhills herbs.I am working with others to develop a monitoring strategy for Allium tricoccum (ramps) and to model population processes of this species in the Southern Appalachians.


Ph.D. in Biology, 1985
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Research Highlights

A Roadmap to Recovery for Degraded Longleaf Pine Plant Communities (2014)
SRS-2014-140 Less than 3 percent of the historical longleaf pine ecosystem remains; although much of the southeastern United States has the potential for recovery. Forest Service and university researchers joined forces to develop a roadmap for the recovery of degraded longleaf pine plant communities. Determining how the many possible factors influence recovery is imperative for directing restoration efforts.

Strategic treatments to control Chinese tallow tree in maritime forest (2017)
SRS-2017-158 Chinese tallow tree is an aggressive and successful invader in coastal forests of the southeastern US. Forest Service researchers were part of a team that studied how land use history related to successful tallow invasions in a South Carolina maritime forest. They used current understanding of the tallow tree to develop and test alternative strategies for controlling this invasive species while promoting native plant community resilience and restoration.

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