Alabama, Georgia, and Florida
Stateline Meeting
September 2014

September 2014

Goal: Develop and/or expand cooperation and support between the organizations by sharing mission, operations and issues/concerns


  • FIA and TPO: TPO Survey: Capturing wood drawn from adjacent states and in-woods chipping; Plot intensification/streamlined data as related to increased time and cycles; Future opportunities and alternatives for FIA.
  • Prescribed Fire: Smoke Modeling (hazard prediction and training) as related to fog and prescribed burning; the Impacts on carbon sequestration and carbon cycle, including soil carbon and CO2 release.


  • Ecosystem Services: Value of Water from Public and Private Lands in the South; Effectiveness of BMP Implementation.
  • Longleaf Pine: Comparing the value and economics of longleaf to other species for landowner benefit; Longleaf Tree Genetics and Improvement Needs and Status.  The ability to compete with other species.


  • Forest Health: The economic and environmental loss associated with invasive species; Pine Health/Decline (SPB; Tip Moth; EAB; Annosum Root Disease); Soil and geology relationship that provides information on site/species management regimes.
  • Societal: How to identify new/interested landowners and reach them effectively; what is the value of certification to forest landowners.