South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia
Stateline Meeting
August 2014

Goal: Develop and/or expand cooperation and support between the organizations by sharing mission, operations and issues of concern.


  • Social Science, Landowner Understanding: Understanding landowner dynamics, how to better outreach, land ownership dynamics.
  • FIA/TPO: Outreach for broader encompassing of partners, program credibility, development / use of forecasting tools.


  • Forest Products/Industry: Pellet industry, taxes, new product needs and opportunities.
  • Prescribed burning, Fire Management: Resource availability/needs, outreach/impacts, prescribed fire councils, barriers.


  • Water: Cross-state issues; quantity and quality; threats, drought, landslides.
  • Other issues:  Leadership (State agency successional planning; southern forestry leadership – who, what, why); Competitive Grants – States and SRS potential collaboration; Support for State Action Plans; Threats (invasive insects, plants, etc.)