Kentucky and Tennessee
Stateline Meeting
October 2016

October 2016

Goal:  Discuss forest management related issues and concerns that SRS can assist state managers in clarifying, understanding and resolving (to the extent possible).


  • Silviculture in Hardwoods 
  • Overview of hardwood research underway at SRS and discussion about the impacts of prescribed fire (and season of fire), planting of hardwoods in advance of harvest on regeneration, forest health, quality, and forest response/regeneration.
  • White Oak
  • White oak volume, quality and growth/removals in KY, TN and adjacent states.  Discussion about white oak growth and processing for cooperages / stave mills, including processes associated with white oak harvesting, log movement and storage, stave production and drying, and cooperage production.
  • White oak sustainability partnership, the work by UK researchers on monitoring oak management, education and outreach.


  • New Forest Health Center at University of Kentucky
  • Introduction to the Forest Health and Education Center at UKY. Discussion about genetics in forest health, new areas of collaboration, etc.
  • Forest Health – insects, disease, invasive species
  • State of knowledge about impacts of invasive insects, plants and diseases on forest health and what's working for prevention, control, eradication (Bud Mayfield)
    • Discussion about specific concerns such as emerald ash borer, gypsy moths, thousand canker, Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, cogon grass, and pollinators. 


  • Forest Inventory & Analysis Update
  • Current FIA results for TN and KY including forest area, volume (especially hardwoods), growth/removals, and general status report.  Funding, data gathering, cycle length, etc. 
  • Discussion about FIA related issues and concerns that the states have identified.
  • Services, Utilization and Markets – economic benefits of forest products
  • Economic impacts of forestry in KY and TN – IMPLAN results, trends in mill production and forest products markets, and biomass, including pellets. Discussion about opportunities for forest products in general, and needs for future research, analysis or synthesis of existing information. Hardwood growth and yield equations – inventory and predictability.


  • Social, Landowner Engagement
  • National Woodland Owner Survey – 2013 NWOS results will be provided for each state in 2-page handout.
  • Landowner outreach – Better understanding the demographics of landowners but more importantly how do we identify and reach new landowners. 
  • Certification – what is the benefit to landowners? Can Certification be used to incentivize landowners?