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final wording of assessment question AQUA-3, its manager, work plan and other information about how this question is being addressed

Assessment Question AQUA-3:

How have forest management activities and other forest uses influenced water quality, aquatic habitat, and designated uses in forested watersheds?

  Stephanie Fulton and
 Ben West (MGRs)

 Work Plan

 Previous wording

  Draft Report

  Final Report
Detailed Issues:
  1. Evaluate how these activities have and can influence hydrologic response.
  2. Include a consideration of all relevant water quality parameters: biological, chemical and physical.
  3. Examine effects of pesticides, sediment, and fertilizer.
  4. Examine the influence of these activities on municipal water supplies.
  5. Discuss how impacts may differ depending on the size and intensity of harvest and other treatments.
  6. Identify any differences in water quality impacts of hardwood versus pine management and plantation versus natural stands.
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