Full-text Articles and Presentations

  • Cantrell and Pfeiffer: AF&PA’s Sustainable Forestry Initiative ProgramSM---Industry’s Assessment Tool
                  abstract | presentation (HTML)
  • Cubbage: Case Study: The North Carolina Wood Chip Mill Impacts Study: Sustainability Information Gaps
                  presentation (HTML)
  • Haney et al.: Measuring Forest Integrity At Multiple Spatial Scales: Evaluating Indicator Accuracy, Sensitivity, And Specificity In Regional Assessments
                  abstract | presentation (HTML)
  • Linder et al.: Population Viability as a Measure of Forest Sustainability
                  abstract | presentation (HTML)
  • Nettles and Schoenholtz: Multi-Scale Operational Forestry Research: Putting the Pieces into the Big Water Quality Picture
                  abstract | presentation (HTML)
  • Newman et al.: Tax Policy and Sustainable Forestry in Georgia
                  abstract | presentation (HTML)
  • Prestemon et al.: Effects of Southern Timber Demand on Forest Characteristics
                  abstract | presentation (HTML)
  • Pye et al.: Evaluating Timber Opportunity Costs of Various Riparian Conservation Practices
                  abstract | presentation (HTML)
  • Schelhas and Zabawa: Minority and Limited Resource Landowners and Forests in the South: Developing a Research Agenda
                  abstract | article (HTML)
  • Shepard: Sustainability of Wetland Forest Management
                  abstract | presentation (HTML)
  • Stanturf and Gardiner: Restoration of Bottomland Hardwoods in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley
                  abstract | article (HTML) | article (PDF) (52KB)
  • Vowell: Using Best Management Practice Monitoring as a Measure of Forest Resource Sustainability
                  abstract | presentation (HTML)
  • Wigley et al.: Contributions of Intensively Managed Forests to the Sustainability of Wildlife Communities in the South
                  abstract | article (PDF) (400KB)


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