Instructions for Preparing Papers

Papers and presentations were accepted for this online proceedings through the end of January, 2001. These guidelines may prove useful for other occasions.

Abstracts for each of the conference presentations have been submitted and will be given to conference attendees as part of the printed proceedings of the conference. The abstracts are also available on the conference web site at While the printed proceedings can only contain abstracts, presenters are encouraged to make their work available in more lengthy form. The conference is therefore accepting manuscripts and/or slide presentations for inclusion on the conference web site. Below are details on how to do so.

To be placed on the Internet, manuscripts and presentations need to be submitted in electronic form, specifically as Microsoft Word or Powerpoint files. Each manuscript or presentation must be submitted as a single file containing all necessary content, meaning that no hardcopy figures or other material are allowed. You may submit your Word or Powerpoint files either via email to, or on 3.5" PC-compatible floppy, CD-ROM, or 100 MB Zip disk mailed to:

John M. Pye
Forestry Sciences Laboratory
P.O. Box 12254
3041 E. Cornwallis Rd.
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

You are free to submit both a manuscript and presentation, either one, or neither. Both the manuscript and presentation will be converted and posted on the web without editing and without galley proofs, so please make sure you will be comfortable seeing on the web just what you submit, typos and all. That doesn't mean that what appears in Word or Powerpoint is exactly what visitors to the web site will see. Web browsers have their own constraints that limit and alter formatting in various ways. These instructions are designed to minimize the surprises in this process. While instructions are focused on conversion to HTML, manuscripts and presentations may additionally be made available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) for more convenient printing. Expect the PDF version to look very similar to their appearance in Word or Powerpoint.

Manuscripts should have inserted below the abstract their formal citation following this format:

Citation: Da Vinci, Leonardo. 2000. The workings of forests and their constituent parts. In: Sustaining Southern Forests: the Science of Forest Assessment. Southern Forest Resource Assessment.

For these electronic proceedings to be as widely available as possible, its web pages have been designed:

1.     for compatibility to the most popular browsers,

2.     to work on a broad range of computer hardware and connection speeds, and

3.     to be compliant with the needs of search engines.

Following these instructions will help us meet these objectives as well.

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