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Assessment Question HLTH-1:

What are the history, status, and projected future of southern forests?

  Roger Conner and
Andy Hartsell (MGRs)

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  July 2000 update

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Detailed Issues:
  1. Discuss the history of forest conditions back as far as can be reliably documented.
  2. Be explicit about definitions, for example the definition of a forest, and report data by forest species group wherever possible.
  3. Disclose data compilation procedures, assumptions made, and the limits of the data. For example, define the age of the FIA data for every state; recognize that tree volume estimates do not include small trees.
  4. Evaluate changes in patterns of ownership and their potential implications for forest management.
  5. Evaluate land use changes involving forests, both permanent and transitory.
  6. Examine the dynamics of ownership. How have ownership patterns changed?
  7. Recognize the great variety of ownership types in the South and examine the diversity of forest conditions that result.
  8. Include consideration of new forest investment groups as an ownership group.
  9. Evaluate the rates of change of the above characteristics and between forest types and ownerships-e.g., between hardwood types and pine plantations.
  10. Discuss the implications of potential fragmentation on forest structural characteristics.
  11. Describe the history of forest structure as far back as can be documented.
  12. Link projected future characteristics with anticipated demands for southern timber for various product types--i.e., softwood and hardwood fiber and sawtimber, if possible.
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