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 May 26, 2000

Dear Question Managers:

Enclosed is the detailed agenda/design for our next Assessment Team meeting July 18-20 in Nashville, Tennessee.  It will be held at the Union Station Hotel in downtown Nashville.  Information on accommodation choices is attached for your use.  Please be sure to make reservations at the hotel of your choice by June 19 to receive the conference rate for your room.

You’ll note in the meeting design we are asking you to prepare a short overview of progress and to address several specific items.  Our intent is to place the contents of your overheads on the Assessment Web Site to document your progress.  We would appreciate the use of overheads rather than power point projection, as it will save transition time between presenters.  We’ll provide an overhead projector for your use.  Your cooperation on these points is appreciated.

Unlike the first Team meeting in Atlanta, we will conduct much of this meeting at a Team conference table rather than in open forum.  Therefore, Question Managers (and assistant QM’s) will be asked to occupy seats at the conference tables and visitors will observe (and participate at planned intervals) from other seats provided.  This will include Non-Team technical experts in attendance.  There will be ample opportunity for interaction with visitors through the course of the 3 days.  We hope this arrangement fosters Teamwork and efficient use of time.

Since we have limited opportunity as a Team to visit and discuss our work, this time together is critical to our success.   To make our discussions even more productive, we will be preparing and forwarding to you a brief pre-meeting information package. 

It will be great to see each of you again, to hear of your progress, and to plan the next several months’ work with you.  Thanks again for your continued hard work and dedication to the South’s forests.


/s/John G. Greis /s/David N. Wear
John G. Greis David N. Wear
Co-Leader Co-Leader

Enclosures: Logistics and Agenda

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