assessment of sustainability of our forests

Southern Forest Resource Assessment

led by the USDA Forest Service's Southern Region and Southern Research Station in collaboration with the USEPA, US Fish & Wildlife, TVA, and state forestry agencies of the Southern United States

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Assessment Team Meeting - Nashville, Tennessee
July 18-20, 2000

The assessment team meeting will be held at the Union Station Hotel, 1001 Broadway, in downtown Nashville, TN.  A block of 25 rooms has been reserved at that hotel and 20 rooms at the Clubhouse Inn, 920 Broadway (across the street)  until June 19.  Rates at both are $72 plus tax, which fits within federal per diem limits for Nashville.  The blocks are under the name "Southern Forest Resource Assessment".

A brief description of differences in accommodations may help you choose your rooming location:

The Union Station is a historic property, formerly the Louisville and Nashville train station, that has been refurbished into a hotel.  The rooms are very nice and the property has the feel of a large and historic structure.   There is a $9 per day valet parking fee.  Breakfast is not included in the room charge, but is offered at $8-10.  Other breakfast options are somewhat limited in the area, though McDonalds is within walking distance.  Extra persons in the room are an additional $20 per night, up to 4 total in the room.

The Clubhouse Inn offers more typical hotel accommodations, offers complimentary parking and a hot breakfast bar is included in room charges.  Extra persons in the room are no charge.

After visiting both properties, both are recommended for different reasons.  The atmosphere and sleeping rooms of the Union Station are unique and very nicely done.  A very nice restaurant and separate pub-like bar make this hotel very complete.  The complimentary parking and breakfast at the Clubhouse Inn make it a somewhat more economical choice, but no restaurant or bar are available.

Phone numbers for the hotels are:
     Union Station: (615) 726-1001
     Clubhouse Inn: (615) 244-0150

Shuttle from the airport to the hotels is $8 one-way or $15 roundtrip.  

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