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Margaret Katherine
Trani (Griep)

Question Manager for TERRA-1 & TERRA-5

Current Position: Regional Wildlife Habitat Relationships Coordinator, Southern Region. USDA Forest Service, 5162 Valleypointe Parkway, Roanoke, VA.  24019.  540-265-5133. FAX 540-265-5145.


Ph.D.     Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. (Wildlife Science).

M.S.       California State University, Humboldt.  (Wildlife Ecology).

B.S.        California State University, Long Beach.  (Zoology).

B.S.        Southern Utah State University.  (Computer Science).

Employment (abridged)

1999-present      Regional Wildlife Habitat Relationships Coordinator, Southern Region. USDA Forest Service, Atlanta, GA.

1996-1998           Resource Analyst/GIS Coordinator, USDA Forest Service, George Washington and Jefferson National Forests, Roanoke, VA.

1990-1995           Wildlife Biologist/Computer Analyst, USDA Forest Service, Blacksburg Ranger District, VA. (Employed concurrently while conducting dissertation research).

1990-1996           Ph.D. Candidate/University Instructor, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA.  (Dissertation Title: Landscape Pattern Analysis Related to Forest Wildlife Resources).

1983-1989           Research Laboratory Manager/University Instructor, Southern Utah State University.

Related Experience (abridged)

Contract Computer Analyst, US Forest Service, Intermountain Regional Office, UT.

Biologist, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Salt Lake City, UT.

Research Biologist, USDI Fish and Wildlife Service, Logan, UT.

Biologist Volunteer, USDI Park Service, Cedar Breaks Monument, UT.

Selected Presentations

Trani, M.K.  1997.  Modeling Road Expansion on Forested Landscapes: The Influence on Pattern.  12th Annual Symposium International Association of Landscape Ecologists, Durham, NC.

Trani, M.K.  1997.  The Influence of Progressive Deforestation on Selected Aspects of Pattern.  Society of American Foresters First North American Forest Ecology Workshop.

Selected Publications

Thompson, F., R. DeGraaf, and M. K. Trani, editors.  2000.  Conservation of Early Successional Wildlife and Habitats in Eastern Forests.  Special Issue of the Wildlife Society Bulletin (In preparation).

Trani, M.K. 2000.   The Influence of Spatial Scale on Landscape Pattern Description and Wildlife Habitat Evaluation.   Beyond Wildlife 2000: Issues of Accuracy and Scale (In press).

Trani, M. K. and R. H. Giles, Jr.  1999. An Analysis of Deforestation: Metrics Used to Describe Pattern Change.  Journal of Ecology and Management 114: 459-470.

Trani, M.K. et al.  1999. Early Successional Habitat and Open Lands Assessment: Eastern and Southern Regions.  US Forest Service Technical Report, Atlanta, GA.

Trani, M.K.  1997.  Discriminant Analysis and Landscape Pattern Analysis. USDA Analyst Notes.  USDA Ecosystem Management Analysis Center, CO.

Trani, M.K.  1993.  Selected Aspects of Landscape Pattern: Relevance for Biodiversity. Report submitted to the US Forest Service, Southern Region.

Professional Affiliations

The International Association of Landscape Ecologists, The Society of Conservation Biologists,

The Wildlife Society, The Association for Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, Southeastern Regional Association of Partners in Flight.



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