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Tom Holmes

Question Manager for SOCIO-7

Forestry Sciences Laboratory
3041 Cornwallis Rd.
RTP, NC 27709 USA

(919) 549-4031
(919) 549-4047


Ph.D. University of Connecticut, 1986 (Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics)

M.S. University of Connecticut, 1979 (Agricultural Economics)

B.S. Ohio Wesleyan University, 1973 (Economics)

Professional Experience

Research Forest Economist, USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station, Research Triangle Park, NC 1988-present

Agricultural Economist, Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington DC 1986-1988

Academic Experience

Adjunct Professor of Resource Economics, Duke University, 1993-present

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Forest Economics, North Carolina State University, 1991-present

Selected Publications

Non-market Valuation

Ahn, S., de Steiguer, J. E., Palmquist, R. B., and Holmes, T. P. 2000. Economic analysis of the potential impact of climate change on recreational trout fishing in the Southern Appalachian Mountains: an application of a nested logit model. Climate Change 45:493-509.

Reaves, D.W., Kramer, R.A. and Holmes, T.P. 1999. Does question format matter? Valuing an endangered species. Environmental & Resource Economics 14:365-383

Pendleton, L., Sohngen, B., Mendelsohn, R. and Holmes, T. 1998. Measuring environmental quality in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Forest Science 44:603-609

Aldy, J.E., Kramer, R.A. and Holmes, T.P. 1998. Environmental equity and the conservation of unique ecosystems: an analysis of the distribution of benefits for protecting southern Appalachian spruce-fir forests. Society and Natural Resources 12:93-106

Holmes, Thomas; Alger, K.; Zinkhan, C.; Mercer, E. 1998. The effect of response time on conjoint analysis estimates of rainforest protection values. Journal of Forest Economics 4(1):7-28.

Zinkhan, F.C., Holmes, T.P. and Mercer, D.E. 1997. Conjoint analysis: a preference-based approach for the accounting of multiple benefits in Southern forest management. Southern Journal of Applied Forestry 21(4):180-186.

Holmes, Thomas P.; Kramer, Randall A. 1996. Contingent valuation of ecosystem health. Ecosystem Health 2 (1): 56-60.

Holmes, T.P. and Kramer, R.A. 1995. An independent sample test of yea-saying and starting point bias in dichotomous-choice contingent valuation. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 29:121-132.

Pearse, Peter H.; Holmes, T.P. 1993. Accounting for nonmarket benefits in southern forest management. Southern Journal of Applied Forestry . 17 (2): 84-89.

Environmental Policy

Schaberg, R. H., Holmes, T. P., Lee, K. J., and Abt, R. C. 1999. Ascribing value to ecological process: an economic view of environmental change. Forest Ecology and Management 114:329-338.

Wagner, J.E., Cubbage, F.W. and T.P. Holmes. 1994. Estimated economic impacts of environmental regulations on southern softwood stumpage markets. Southern Journal of Applied Forestry 18(4):156-162.

Holmes, T.P. 1990. Self-interest, altruism, and health-risk reduction: an economic analysis of voting behavior. Land Economics 66(2):140-149.

Holmes, T.P. 1988. The offsite impact of soil erosion on the water treatment industry. Land Economics 64(4):356-366.

Broderick, S.H., Miller, D.R. and Holmes, T.P. 1985. Integrating research and extension to organize a forest landowners' association. Journal of Forestry 83:237-240.

Timber Markets and Harvesting

Prestemon, J. P. and Holmes, T. P. 2000. Timber price dynamics following a natural catastrophe. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 82:145-160.

Holmes, T. P., Blate, G. M., Zweede, J. C., Pereira, R., Jr., Barreto, P., Boltz, F., and Bauch, R. 2000. Financial costs and benefits of reduced impact logging relative to conventional logging in the Eastern Amazon. Tropical Forest Foundation, Washington, D.C. 48 p.

Holmes, T.P. 1991. Price and welfare effects of catastrophic forest damage from southern pine beetle epidemics. Forest Science 37(2):500-516.

Haight, R.G. and Holmes, T.P. 1991. Stochastic price models and optimal tree cutting: results for loblolly pine. Natural Resource Modeling 5(4):423-443.

Holmes, T.P., Bentley, W.R., S.H. Broderick and T. Hobson. 1990. Hardwood stumpage price trends and characteristics in Connecticut. Northern Journal of Applied Forestry 7(1):13-16.

International Experience

Brazil, 1994 to present.



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