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---- Duke University, 1985 doctoral candidate, Forest Ecology

M.A. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 1983 (Ecology with Economics minor)

B.A. Swarthmore College, 1976 (Biology)


Webmaster, USDA Forest Service, Economics of Forest Protection and Management, Research Triangle Park, NC. 1996-present

Ecologist, USDA Forest Service, Economics of Forest Protection and Management, Research Triangle Park, NC. 1991-present

Ecologist, USDA Forest Service, Pest Impact Assessment Technology, Research Triangle Park, NC. 1985-1991

Continuing Education Instructor (computing), Durham Technical Community College, Durham NC, 1991-present

Consultant, Carolina Environmental Consultants, Chapel Hill NC. 1985

Research Assistant, Dept. of Pathology, North Carolina State Univ., Raleigh, NC. 1984

Graduate Research Assistant, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Duke University and Curriculum in Ecology, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. 1981-1985

Research Analyst and Consultant, Macro Systems, Silver Spring, MD. 1976-1979


HTML, SAS, Windows, TCP/IP, Unix, ArcView, ArcInfo
English mostly, some Portuguese and German
Backpacking, dogs


Ecological Society of America
Society of American Foresters
International Association for Landscape Ecology, US Regional Association

Selected Publications

Processes Structuring Forested Landscapes in the Eastern US

Butry, D.T., D.E. MERCER, J.P. PRESTEMON, J.M. PYE, and T.P. Holmes. 2001 What is the price of catastrophic wildfire? Journal of Forestry 99(11):9-17.

PRESTEMON, J.P., D.E. MERCER, J.M. PYE, D.T. BUTRY, T.P. HOLMES, AND K.L. ABT. 2001. Economically optimal wildfire intervention regimes. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Agricultural Economics Association, August 5-8, 2001, Chicago, Illinois. 18 pages. Available online at

PYE, J.M., AND R.M. SHEFFIELD. 1997. Topographic characteristics of forests on the margin. United States Regional Association, International Assocation for Landscape Ecology, March 16-19, Duke University, Durham, NC (presentation and abstract).

PYE, J., K.LEE, AND R.SHEFFIELD. 1993. Effects of population on within-forest patch size in landscapes of the Southeastern US. Eighth Annual U.S. Landscape Ecology Symposium, March 24-27, Oak Ridge, TN (poster and abstract).

PYE, J.M. and R.M. SHEFFIELD 1992. Recent patterns of forest fragmentation in the Southeast based on stand-level measures (poster). Ecol.Soc.of Amer.Bull. 73(2).

PYE, J.M. and K.J. LEE 1992. Influence of urbanization on forest landscape characteristics in the U.S. South (abstract). Proc. Fourth North American Symposium on Society and Resource Management, May 17-20. University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI.

Regional Impacts of Forest Pests and Pathogens

CUBBAGE, F.W.; J.M. PYE; T.P. HOLMES; AND J.E. WAGNER. 2000. An economic evaluation of fusiform rust protection research. Southern Journal of Applied Forestry 24(2):77-85.

GUMPERTZ, M.L.; C.T. WU; AND J.M. PYE. 2000. Logistic regression for southern pine beetle outbreaks with spatial and temporal autocorrelation. Forest Science 46:95-107.

AYRES, M.P.; J.M. PYE; B. SMITH; M. LOMBARDERO; AND R. HOFSTETTER. 1998. Regional patterns in forest epidemiology of the southern pine beetle. (poster) In: Joint Annual Meeting Entomological Society of America, Las Vegas, NV.

PRICE, T.S.; C. DOGGETT; J.M. PYE; AND B. SMITH. 1998. A history of southern pine beetle outbreaks in the Southeastern United States. Georgia Forestry Commission, Macon, GA. 71 pp.

PYE, JOHN M.; WAGNER, JOHN E.; HOLMES, THOMAS P. AND CUBBAGE, FREDERICK W. 1997. Positive returns from investment in fusiform rust research. Res. Pap. SRS-4. Asheville, NC: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southern Research Station, 55 p.

PYE, J.M., J.E. WAGNER, T.P. HOLMES AND F.W. CUBBAGE. 1995. What's rust hazard prediction worth? A bioeconomic simulation of resistant seedling allocation across the South. Proc. 138-143 In Eighth Biennial Southern Silvicultural Research Conference. November 1-3, 1994, Auburn, AL.

WAGNER, JOHN E.; HOLMES, THOMAS P.; PYE, JOHN M. 1994. The economic value of genetic progress in forestry revisited. In: Newman, David H.; Aronow, Mary Ellen, eds. Forest economics on the eige: Proceedings of the 24th annual Southern Forest Economics Workshop; 1994 March 27-29; Savannah, GA. Athens, GA: University of Georgia, Daniel B. Warnen School of Forest Resources: 375-386.

PYE, J.M. 1993. Regional dynamics of southern pine beetle populations. Pages 111-124 In A. M. Liebhold and H. R. Barrett (eds). Proceedings: Spatial Analysis and Forest Pest Management. USDA Forest Service General Technical Report NE-175.

PYE, J.M. 1993. A spot-growth model for the southern pine beetle. Pages 160-171 In A. M. Liebhold and H. R. Barrett (eds). Proceedings: Spatial Analysis and Forest Pest Management. USDA Forest Service General Technical Report NE-175.

PRICE, T.S., C.A. DOGGETT, J.M. PYE , and T.P. HOLMES 1992. A history of southern pine beetle outbreaks in the southeastern United States. Georgia Forestry Commission. Macon, GA.

DE STEIGUER, J.E., R.L. HEDDEN, and J.M. PYE 1987. Optimal level of expenditure to control the southern pine beetle. US Forest Service Res.Pap. SE-263. 30 pp.

Spatial and Temporal Analyses of Markets

PRESTEMON, J.P., J.M. PYE, AND T.P. HOLMES. 2001. Timber economics of natural catastrophes. Pages 132-141 In M. Pelkki (ed.), Proceedings of the 2000 Southern Forest Economics Workshop, Lexington, KY, March 23-25, University of KY.

PRESTEMON, J. P., PYE, J. M., ABT, K. L., WEAR, D. N., AND LEDOUX, C. 2000. Market definition for hardwood timber in the Southern Appalachians. Pages 91-98 In: Munn, I. A., Bullard, S. H., Grado, S. C., and Grebner, D. L. Proceedings of the 1999 Southern Forest Economics Workshop. 4-18-1999. Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS.

PRESTEMON, J. P. AND PYE, J. M. 2000. A technique for merging areas in Timber Mart-South data. Southern Journal of Applied Forestry. in press.

Air Pollution, Nutrient Cycling and Forest Decline

DE STEIGUER, J.E., J.M. PYE, and C.S. LOVE 1990. Air pollution damage to U.S. forests. J.of For. 88:17-22 [also abridged and translated into Chinese in: Forest Science and Technology 9:31-33 (1991)].

ROBARGE, W.P., J.M. PYE, and R.I. BRUCK 1989. Foliar elemental composition of spruce-fir in the southern Blue Ridge province. Plant and Soil 114:19-34.

PYE, J.M. 1988. Impact of ozone on the growth and yield of trees: A review. J.Environ.Qual. 17:347-360.

PYE, J.M. and P.M. VITOUSEK 1985. Soil and nutrient removals by erosion and windrowing at a southeastern U.S. piedmont site. For.Ecol.Man. 11:145-155.

Conservation Planning and Applications

ERIN O. SILLS, VITÓRIA YAMADA MüLLER, FREDERICK W. CUBBAGE, THOMAS P. HOLMES, JOHN M. PYE, JOHN E. WAGNER, LENITA M. MARQUES, JUDITH L. BINNS, AND DIANE C. RIGGSBEE 1997. Analysis of the potential for ecotourism in northern littoral of Paraná, Brazil: project summary. In: FPEI Work. Pap. 61. Research Triangle Park, NC: Southern Research Station

PYE, J.M., A.F.B. ANTUNES, AND M.V.Y. MÜLLER. 1995. Constructing a vegetation map in the diverse Atlantic Forest of Brazil. Pages 71-78 In E.L. Usery (ed.). Mapping and Environmental Applications of GIS Data. September 28-29, 1995, Madison, WI. Univ. of GA, Athens, GA.

CUBBAGE, F.W., J.E. WAGNER, V. MÜLLER, E.O. SILLS, J.M. PYE, D.N. WEAR, T.P. HOLMES, AND D.E. MERCER 1994. Analysis of the potential for ecotourism in the Atlantic Coastal Forests of Brazil: methods and progress. 1994 World Congress on Tourism for the Environment. May 31-June 4, Puerto Rico.

SMYTHE, R., and J.M. PYE 1985. A review and critique of the proposed land and resource management plan and the draft environmental impact statement for the Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests. Sierra Club, NC Chapter and The NC Wildlife Federation. Chapel Hill, NC.

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