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James Denny Ward

Question Manager for HLTH-2

Current Position

Entomologist, Forest Health Protection, State and Private Forestry, Southern Region, USDA Forest Service, 1720 Peachtree Road, NW, Atlanta, Georgia, 30367, telephone: 404-347-2989, E-mail: or


1966 Bachelor of Arts Forestry, East Tennessee State University
1967 Master of Forestry Duke University


1967-1992 USDA Forest Service/R8/R1
1992-1995 United Nations Development Programme/FAO
1995-2000 USDA Forest Service Atlanta, Georgia

Related Experience

Worked on two major R&D Programs including Douglas-Fir Tussock Moth Program and

Expanded Southern Pine Beetle Research and Applications Program.

Chief Technical Advisor on the Integrated Pest Management of Cypress Aphid in Kenya

Chief Technical Advisor for FAO on the Integrated Pest Management of Leucaena Psyllid in Kenya and Tanzania

Field Coordinator for the USAID funded project on Monitoring Forest Health Conditions in the Eastern Arc Mountains of Kenya and Tanzania.

Associate Director of the Forest Health Centre /Kenyan Forest Department/Nairobi, Kenya

Senior Lecturer for Moi University in Kenya on Forest Health/Integrated Pest Management

Worked on 21 foreign details in East Africa and the South Pacific on forest health related problems and the management of mangrove forests.



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