assessment of sustainability of our forests

Southern Forest Resource Assessment

led by the USDA Forest Service's Southern Region and Southern Research Station in collaboration with the USEPA, US Fish & Wildlife, TVA, and state forestry agencies of the Southern United States

Timeline and Products

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Steps/Activity Participants Outcome Product
15. Release First Update Forest Economics and Policy RWU and collaborators Publication of the Update online and as GTR-SRS-99
MAR 2007

1. Update1 report

14. Offer Data and Their Documentation for Download Assessment Team Distribution of the datasets used in the Technical Report
OCT 2003

1. Data Center

13. Release Technical and Summary Reports Assessment Team Distribution of scientifically credible report of findings
OCT 2002

1. Technical Report, Summary Report

2. Content Analysis of public comments

3. Full public comments

12. Identify Sub-Regional Focus Areas For Potential Analysis Planning Team SRFA's Identified for Subsequent Analysis
1. Identification of SRFA candidates

2. Criteria for Identifying Sub-Regional Focus Areas

11. Write and review Assessment report Assessment Team, Peer Reviewers Scientifically credible draft report of findings
NOV 2001
1. Draft Assessment report

2. Progress chart

3. Tools for Question Mgrs.

10. Conduct conference on Sustaining Southern Forests Assessment Team, various experts, public participants Free exchange of ideas and science regarding the status and potential future of southern forests
NOV 2000
1. home page

2. program

3. abstracts

4. papers and presentations

9. Conduct analysis and monitor progress Assessment Team Clear understanding of Assessment questions, progress and upcoming events
OCT 2000
1. July meeting notes

2. October meeting notes

3. Data Center

8. Facilitate continuing progress in outreach and implementation of work plans Assessment Team Clear understanding of progress and upcoming events
JUN 2000
1. Plan for Citizen Participation formalized

2. Basic Datasets

3. Conference announced

7. Conduct separate Expert Workshops to determine how to best address each question Assessment Team

Ephemeral Specialist Teams

Definition of feasibility of and approach to addressing all assessment questions
FEB 2000
1. Work plans for each question

2. Biographical sketches of question managers

3. Final wording of questions

6. Enter data, analyse content, and review and synthesize public comments Planning Team

USFS Staff

Synopsis of public concerns and revised questions for each broad category
DEC 1999
1. Proposed assessment questions in PDF format 24KB

2. Documentation of public concerns regarding each question in PDF format 1.7MB

5. Conduct ten public workshops and launch interactive web site to solicit evaluation and comment on preliminary questions Planning Team, Public Affairs, Extension

Public participation included more than 700 at meetings; more by mail or e-mail

Compilation of issues and concerns regarding each preliminary question and additional questions
AUG 1999
1. Announcement of meeting schedule and locations

2. Press release

3. Slide Show on assessment scope and objectives

4. Synthesize concerns and questions compiled by government experts Planning Team A set of broad questions designed to encapsulate many detailed issues
JUN 1999
1. Preliminary broad assessment questions
3. Hold workshop for government experts in the five broad categories Government experts and Planning Team

USFS Staff

Definition of concerns, questions, and potential data sources for each broad category
JUN 1999
1. Compilation of detailed concerns and questions - Experts Meeting Report
2. Evaluate general scope and scale and potential roles of agencies Planning Team Definition of scope and general thrust of assessment
MAY 1999
1. List of broad categories for organizing questions
1. Evaluate general concerns regarding forest sustainability Leaders of natural resource agencies in the South Decision to conduct assessment-- multi-agency with USFS lead
FEB 1999
1. letter announcing the Assessment

2. press release

3. project overview in PDF format 15KB

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