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Assessment Question SOCIO-1:

How have land uses changed in the South and how might changes in the future affect the area of forests?

  David Wear (MGR)

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Detailed Issues:
  1. Evaluate the influence of various driving factors behind all types of land use change including population growth, urban sprawl, and markets for various goods and services produced from land.
  2. Include population forecasts in analysis of land uses.
  3. Definitions of forestland need to be evaluated to address different capabilities of lands. This is especially important with regard to the continuum of forest conditions between suburban areas and remote forests.
  4. Analysis should address not only the amount of forestland but also its spatial arrangement. Most notably, examine both parcel/ownership and physical fragmentation of forests.
  5. Evaluate how forestry programs have influenced forests and land use (e.g., tree-planting programs).
  6. Address linkages between the answer to this question and the impacts on terrestrial ecosystems.
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