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Assessment Question SOCIO-3:

How do current policies, regulations, and laws affect forest resources and their management?

  James Granskog and
  Terry Haines (MGRs)

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  July 2000 update

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Detailed Issues:
  1. Examine the implications of tax code (income, death, and property) on the structure and management of forests. Especially important is the influence of inheritance taxes on fragmentation of forests.
  2. Examine the impacts of cost-share programs that are designed to encourage forest management and forest cover.
  3. Examine effects of current use property tax valuation in keeping land in forest cover.
  4. Examine state and local regulations and laws that define landowner responsibilities in managing forests. This includes, local and state regulations, zoning, agricultural regulations, and environmental regulations, in addition to specific forest policies.
  5. Address linkages between the answer to this question and the impacts on terrestrial ecosystems.
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