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final wording of assessment question SOCIO-6, its manager, work plan and other information about how this question is being addressed

Assessment Question SOCIO-6:

What are the supplies of and demands for forest based recreation and other noncommodity uses of forests in the South?

  Ken Cordell and
Michael Tarrant (MGRs)

 Work Plan

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  July 2000 update

  Draft Report

  Final Report
Detailed Issues:
  1. Evaluate the relationships between forest management and forest types and recreation opportunities.
  2. Evaluate opportunities for developing new sources of recreation supply.
  3. Evaluate the potential for conflicts between different forms of recreations.
  4. Address the roles of different landowner groups in providing recreation.
  5. Inventory forest-based recreation opportunities.
  6. What are the adverse impacts of recreation activities on forested and aquatic ecosystems and where are they located...
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