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Assessment Question TERRA-1:

What are the history, status and projected future of terrestrial wildlife habitat types and species in the South?

  Margaret Griep (MGR)

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  July 2000 update

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Detailed Issues:
  1. Evaluate changes in species diversity.
  2. Measure changes in the distribution and amount of mast-producing species.
  3. Address how different intensities of logging, fire and other forest management practices influence various wildlife habitat types
  4. Describe how land use changes have and are likely to influence habitats.
  5. Describe the critical and emerging habitat needs in the region.
  6. Consider the contribution of areas set aside on public lands and by NGO's in providing habitats.
  7. Describe lost or degraded habitats that could be restored.
  8. Describe the history of wildlife habitat types as far back as can be reliably documented.
  9. Link discussion of all of the above to animal species populations and ecological communities.
  10. Evaluate implications of fragmentation and its causes.
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