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Assessment Question TERRA-2:

What are the history, status and projected future of native plant communities in the South?

  Wayne Owen (MGR)

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Detailed Issues:
  1. Determine and describe the character and distribution of the (major) historic native plant communities in the southern U.S. Define "native plant communities"
  2. Ascertain the indigenous structure, composition and historical change of the major native plant communities of the region.
  3. Evaluate how changes in native forest structural attributes, plant species composition, and landscape distribution patterns have changed native plant community dynamics and plant species diversity.
  4. Measure changes in plant biodiversity in various ecological regions.
  5. Evaluate the effects of anthropogenic influences (fire regimes and exotic species) on native plant communities.
  6. Determine the probable future of plant communities in the South if current trends continue.
  7. Evaluate the contributions of cooperative conservation efforts on plant communities.
  8. Address the effects of exotic species on habitats.
  9. Evaluate the role that various forest types and successional stages (including monotypic stands) play in providing native plant habitats.
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