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Assessment Question TERRA-4:

What are the historical and projected future impacts of forest management and access on terrestrial ecosystems in the South?

  Jim Baker and
 William Hunter (MGRs)

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Detailed Issues:
  1. How have and will changes in pine plantation acreage influence wildlife habitat and associated wildlife species, populations and communities.
  2. Address how fire exclusion and management has shaped the structure of wildlife habitat.
  3. Address how standard silvicultural practices, such as clearcutting and selective harvesting; nonstandard silvicultural practices, such as high-grading; and other forest management practices, such as site preparation, artificial regeneration have influenced the distribution of tree species, including species that produce hard mast and the resultant effects on wildlife.
  4. Evaluate how forest-based recreation influences the structure and function of terrestrial ecosystems.
  5. Evaluate the impacts of various corridors, including power lines, pipelines, roads, and canals, on terrestrial ecosystems.
  6. Identify the causes and impacts of forest fragmentation on the structure and function of terrestrial ecosystems.
  7. Link projected future characteristics with anticipated demands for southern timber for various product types--i.e., hardwood and softwood fiber and sawtimber, if possible.
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