TERRA-5: October 2000 Progress Report

What conditions will be needed to maintain plant and animal species associations in the South?

Dr. Margaret Katherine Trani (Griep)

October 11-12, 2000, Atlanta, GA


Compiling descriptions of habitat conditions required by a selected species or species association are being compiled from recovery plans, conservation assessments, management plans, and the published literature.  These include aspects of forest structure, patch size, successional stage, and other habitat characteristics necessary to sustain viable populations;

Producing range maps for selected species of concern;

Continuing analysis of population trends using Breeding Bird Survey data by species groups (e.g., grassland, shrub/scrub, mature timber, area-sensitive birds);  

Continuing compilation of Partners in Flight physiographic plans for identifying species and habitat needs in the southeast.  These plans include recommendations concerning minimum patch size, interspersion of vegetation communities, and other elements; 

Completed the latest list for those species with PIF concern scores of 22 and above by physiographic region;   

Initiating synthesis of literature on critical habitats and habitats requiring restoration (see Question1).  I have assembled old-growth community descriptions for the south;

Developing a discussion of habitat needs to accompany trends for selected game and furbearer species were obtained from the RPA assessment. 



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 modified: 20-Oct-2000