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Upland Hardwood Ecology and Management
Bent Creek Experimental Forest
1577 Brevard Rd.
Asheville, NC 28806

Tel: 828-667-5261
Fax: 828-667-9097

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Name Title Email Phone Location
Adams, Jacquelyne Forestry Technician 828-667-5261 Ext. 124 Asheville, NC
Benz, Brandy Lyn Forester 828-667-5261 x112 Asheville, NC
Chaney, Richard N. Forestry Technician 870-446-5192 Jasper, AR
Clark, Stacy Research Forester 865-974-0932 Knoxville, TN
Durham, William Preston Forester 828-667-5261 x138 Asheville, NC
Greenberg, Cathryn Research Ecologist 828-667-5261 Ext.118 Asheville, NC
Johnsen, Kurt Plant Physiologist 828-667-5261 Ext. 113 Asheville, NC
Keyser, Tara L. Center Director / Research Forester 828-667-5261 x102 Asheville, NC
Loeb, Susan C. Research Ecologist 864-656-4865 Clemson, SC
McNab, W. Henry Research Forester 828-667-5261 Ext.119 Asheville, NC
Schweitzer, Callie Research Forester 256-603-0969 Huntsville, AL
Sisk, Ryan Forestry Technician 256-536-6645 Huntsville, AL
Spetich, Martin Research Forest Ecologist 501-623-1180 Ext. 105 Hot Springs, AR
Stone, Donovan Forester (Silviculture) 828-667-5261 Ext. 138 Asheville, NC
Watson, Edd Forestry Technician 828-667-5261 Ext. 116 Asheville, NC
Winters, Eric Biological Technician (Wildlife) 864-656-3285 Clemson, SC
Zirbel, Matthew S. Forestry Technician 256-536-6645 Huntsville, AL